Hylo Highlights

March 27, 2017

Attention: A beautiful new studio has opened up on Johnnie Dodds Hwy here in Mt Pleasant. With marble showers, wood flowers, and two beautifully furnished floors, this is a posh and chic studio you don’t want to miss out on.

Image of hylo-bathroom

First off, Hylo has an excellent business plan that I’m shocked no one else has implemented at this point. The name Hylo represents the two classes they offer: a high intensity class focused on cardio and strength (think HIIT workouts), and a low intensity class focused on flexibility, balance, and control (yoga, barre, pilates). Boom, best of both worlds under one roof without you having to ever think or plan a workout.

Image of hylo-friends

After attending the Hylo Grand Opening party I was ecstatic to try my first class on Tuesday. Walking in like a kid on Christmas, I was immediately greeted and impressed the all staff remembered me from the weekend before (props to good customer service). All users have the option to purchase and wear a polar heart rate monitor during workouts to measure how hard they’re pushing themselves. The first class I took was a Hy intensity class.

All Hy classes are split into two sections: Sculpt and Burn. Sculpt incorporates strength circuits. Equipment for the sculpt section includes TRX bands, battle ropes, bosus, weights, kettlebells, and smash balls. Sculpt was created to increase muscle definition thus speeding up your metabolism. Burn refers to the cardio portion that uses the water rower or bike, intending to burn fat by guiding you through a workout that both increases and decreases your heart rate, keeping your body guessing!

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I walked in and the class was split into four 8 minute blocks. I loved how the room featured dark lighting (if that makes sense) so you know no one is aggressively watching you. We started off with a 5 min warm up, half of us on bikes, and half on rowers. From there we split up. For me, the class went as follows:

Block 1 (8 min):
* {: .long-primer } 12 squat to shoulder press with kettle bell (10,20, or 35 lbs, I used 20)* {: .long-primer } 12 kettle bell swings (used 20 lbs)* {: .long-primer } 12 sumo squat to chest raise (35 lbs)* {: .long-primer } After every minute the coach instructed us to put our weights down and do 12 bench hop-overs, then resume where we left off

Image of hylo-studio

Block 2 (8 min):
* {: .long-primer } Sprint on bike .3 miles, try to up resistance* {: .long-primer } 10 spider man push ups* {: .long-primer } row 200 m all out sprint* {: .long-primer } 10 spider man push ups* {: .long-primer } Repeat this for all 8 minutes

Image of hylo-studio

Block 3 (8 min start with 20 reps then 18/16/12):
* {: .long-primer } 20 courtesy squats to bicep curls (I used 15 lbs at first and dropped to 12 lbs)* {: .long-primer } 20 tricep dips on bench* {: .long-primer } 20 squat to shoulder press (15 lbs)* {: .long-primer } Repeat this for all 8 min

Block 4 (8 min only on bike):

  • 1 min all out performance speed (upped resistance to level instructor suggested){: .long-primer}
  • Return to “pace” which is similar to a base pace{: .long-primer}
  • 30 seconds power (similar to all out at max resistance){: .long-primer}
  • Return to “pace”
  • Repeat for the 8 minutes. I think there were 3 performance speeds and 3 pushes and the in-between was base

I loved the strength exercises we did in class and felt the burn, especially in my arms. I also loved how new and smooth the bikes were (apparently they’re used by the US military?), which made it much more fun to ride on. The rowers were also brand new and had a much higher resistance than I was used to, making the workout challenging. I was drenched in sweat at the end of class and amazed by how fast it went by.

Another huge plus for me was I absolutely loved the music (working out to rap = my jam). My instructor was also enthusiastic, but wish I had been corrected on form for a few exercises in weight room or checked on to see if I was pushing myself. At the end of the class, the instructor led us through a quick stretch and encouraged us to take the complementary “lo” class that followed.

Image of hylo-studio

There really wasn’t much that I didn’t like, but unlike Orangetheory, Hylo does not offer a treadmill. Their reasoning is they want to keep the workout low impact thus preventing someone from getting injured. In the long run, I absolutely adore cardio, both outside and on a treadmill, so I don’t need a class or teacher to get me to do it. You will never see me voluntarily get on a row machine or exercise bike outside of the gym unless I’m attending a spin class.

I’m super curious to continue going to more “hy” of the hylo classes and see how they vary up the workouts. In summary it was a great way to get my heart rate up and sweat in super quick blocks, and I definitely thought the weight room was super effective!